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Imperial China

Nationalist China (1912-1949)

Taiwan (1950-present)

Nationalist China Provinces

Japanese Occupation Issues

People's Republic General Issues--Mint

People's Republic General Issues-- Used

People’s Republic Regional Issues


France (1849-1899)

France (1900-1959)

France (1960-1999 Mint No Hinge)

France (1960-1999 Hinged & used)

France (After 2000 Mint No Hinge)

France Scott Back-of-the-book

France Yvert Listings

France Imperforates

French Southern & Antarctic Territories

France Precancels

French Offices

French Colonies and Territories

DISCOUNTS:  Deduct 5% on orders over $50 and 10% on orders over $111.  INSURANCE: Mailings are privately insured. MAILING: $1 in US, $2 abroad. Registry: $12.95 in US, $15.45 abroad. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED :  Your money back for any item returned within 10 days, no questions asked. WATCH FOR UPDATES. material is added to the lists regularly and marked in the following way: NEW+ for the newest, NEW for relatively new material, and RECENT for material added a little earlierAll prices are in US dollars. 


American Philatelic Society

China Stamp Society



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